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GM Turf has been in the turf equipment business for over 40 years! Glenn Markham started GM Turf back in 1974 and the company has been a regular supplier of equipment and parts to many sod farms, municipalities, and golf courses for many years. His son, Ed Markham, took over the business in 2004 until Cody Markham, Ed’s son, bought it early 2016. Cody is now the third generation owner with plans to continue to grow and develop great relationships with our customers.

GM Turf is a full line dealer for Brouwer Kesmac and LandPride. We are an R&R distributor and supply a full line of their parts for your turf equipment. Parts for Progressive and Trilo are also available. We handle a full line of harvester blades for your Brouwer, Kesmac, Trebro, and Magnum. We also carry 23″, 30″, 40″ and 46″ rolls of netting.