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RollMax Big Roll Sod Harvester
Condition: Excellent
Make: Brouwer
Model: RollMax Big Roll Sod Harvester
Hours: 0
Tractor: John Deere 5225 with Syncro-Mesh Transmission
 RollMax 2400

  • 24″ floating cutter head for maximum turf quality and efficiency.
  • All functions controlled from the tractor seat.
  • Automatic rolling.
  • Automatic cut-off length adjustable up to 125’.
  • Bottom net wrap optional for weak and tender turf conditions.
  • Top outer roll net wrap attachment (optional).
  • Empty tube dispenser.
  • Auto slab kit (optional).
  • Ground speed hydraulics to prevent tearing of turf.
  • Turf rolls are ejected to the harvested side out of the way of the next pass.
  • Hydraulic depth control standard.
  • Four 24″ wide rolls easily fit across the width of a truck bed.